Me, of course!

Although I’m wondering who and how many of you will be reading this, I’ll try to write something about myself here.

Don’t expect too much of it, I’m warning you..
But if you really dare to read.. Good luck!

So.. You really want to know who I am?

That’s me! Yep, the on in the picture above, trying to look cool and all.
My name is Roel, pronounced Rule.
And now you know why I called my business, Rule Industries. Well there’s more story behind that. But that’s a story for another time.

I wasn’t always this cool.
You have to learn as you go through life.
I have been doing quite a lot over the years. From getting my Diploma as a car mechanic, to working in catering to ending up getting my diploma to be called optician. And let’s not talk about all the side jobs and vacation jobs I had when I was in school.

For the last 13 years, I am 35 now, I have been working in an optics store. Of which 10 years I can call myself an optician.
To be honest, it is not as boring as it sounds. But I sure needed something else to get my groove on. To get my creative side some satisfaction.
After not being able to find cool jewelry, I started making it myself.
Jewelry that was not as good or cool at first. In retrospect that is.. I had some knowledge of materials and hands that did what I wanted at the time.
But the learning about making jewelry really only just begun then.
Now, I still don’t know everything about jewelry, because there is so much to know. Yet, I like to know it all.

Besides working on making the coolest jewelry and building on Rule Industries, I like to work out. I call it functional training, some call it Crossfit, and others call it too tiresome.
Working out, gives me creative energy and new ideas for my jewelry. Whenever I feel stuck, a workout helps out. Just like coffee..

I also like my girlfriend..
Joke.. I love her!
She makes this all just as possible. She make me possible, when I don’t know which way to go. And she takes me down when I’m too high..
It must be hard living with a stubborn jewelry making fook.

Fook yeah..
I like to call my social media followers and friend, ‘Sexy Fooks’.
As I always try to find a cool name for my handmade jewely, I like to have a cool, or sexy name for my followers as well. That’s just how my brain works.

If you would like to see or follow more of this debauchery. You should check out the Rule Industries Instagram and Facebook page. In the stories I try to show a bit more of my life. Although I can’t see why that is interesting, you’re welcome to check it out and interact.
I love interacting with followers and friends on there.

Don’t be a stranger.