Jewelry of course!

But as you might have noticed, not your ordinary jewelry. This is why Rule Industries slogan is
“Not for the ordinary”.

..And by jewelry I mean rings, bracelets and necklaces.
It all started when I realised the jewelry that was always presented to me, was actually boring shit.
Mind you, back then I only knew a little of what I know now, about jewelry and its makers. There are some really good and cool makers out there.

As you might have guessed, it started with making custom rings for my girlfriend and myself. No wait! ..It started with a set of a custom ring and a custom made necklace. Well I made the pendant and figured out a way to attach it to the silver necklace I bought at the jewelry store.
After that came the custom rings for friends and family. These were buffalo horn rings, acetate rings, rings with combinations with wood. After a while I started using carbon fiber to make rings as well.
I discovered the magic of glow in the dark and started using that mesmerizing stuff for inlays.
Custom bracelets came after that. One of the first leather bracelets with titanium clasp was MonoToni.
This was the first time using leather and titanium for a bracelet.
I kind of learn as I go..


All being handmade in the Rule Industries workshop.
Every piece of jewelry that leaves the Rule Industries workshop is made by hand. Handmade jewelry is the term for that.
While I can use prefabricated parts or materials, for the Ratio Series for example, still most parts are being handsmade. And at least one part of the Ratio bracelets or Ratio rings is made from a big chunk of material. It’s my pride we’re talking about here…
The Series of 1, Series of 5 and Series of 10 are fully handmade. For your understanding, I buy blocks, sheets and chunks of material and turn these into handmade rings and bracelets.

Series of 1

These are the custom designed and one of a kind rings and bracelets.
Every single ring or bracelet of the Series of 1 is designed and made for you as the wearer. When this custom ring or custom bracelet is made for you, it will not be duplicated for others. Want to know more? How to get a Series of 1 ring or  How to get a Series of 1 Bracelet will tell you more.
Or would you like to see some of these custom rings or custom bracelets?

Series of 5

It’s simple.. They’re limited edition.
Of these limited edition rings and bracelets only 5 will be made.
This way you can still enjoy a ring or bracelet that is very unique and limited edition and pay a little less for it. Prices will be around €300,-
Some examples of these rings and bracelets?

All Series of 5 are available in the Rule Industries shop.

Series of 10

These are the customizable rings and bracelets and still limited edition. With only 10 pieces of each ring or bracelet design, that will leave the Rule Industries workshop.
Each design is customizable to your wishes in the Rule Industries shop.
For example;

  • Ed, Edge & Edgy – Series of 10, is a customizable carbon fiber ring. This carbon fiber ring can be a women’s ring or a men’s ring. Depending on the color of the glow in the dark inlay and width of the ring.