Whether it’s a Titanium ring, a clasp for that leather bracelet, or a Titanium pendant for a necklace.

When using Titanium in or for  the Rule Industries jewelry, I prefer using Grade 2 Titanium.
Grade 2 is a commercially pure Titanium as they call it. Which means it is one of the purest forms of Titanium.
Grade 2 Titanium is lightweight, strong and has an excellent corrosion resistance and is often used for surgical implants.
Isn’t that what we want for our Titanium jewelry?
The Grade 2 has a somewhat darker or gray color, which I like better when using the material in it’s own color. That being said, it is also very sexy to anodize Titanium!
This anodizing can be done by torching the Titanium by flame, or electrolytic which is a more sophisticated way.. And since I like setting stuff on fire, this is the way I do the anodizing. By torching, the colors of the oxide layer that appears on the surface of the Titanium, will vary a bit or can vary a lot. [As you may see in the picture above]
All depending on how the material is heated up.

Wearing a Titanium ring, a bracelet with Titanium parts or a necklace with a Titanium pendant, would mean a couple of things;

  • Titanium jewelry is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Titanium jewelry is strong.
  • Titanium jewelry makes you look very good.
  • Titanium jewelry feels very good when wearing it because it transfers heat very easily.
  • Titanium jewelry is almost indestructible, but can get scratched.

In the Rule Industries work shop, Titanium is mostly used for clasps of the leather bracelets and inlays for custom rings, the Series of 1 rings and bracelets mostly.
If you like you can check out the Rule Industries Facebook and Instagram for some behind the scenes shenanigans while working on Titanium.
In the picture gallery you find some examples of custom rings and bracelets that have been made with Titanium.
As you can see, Titanium can be used for all sorts of jewelry, as shown in the pictures above. And also finishes like polished, cut and tumbled or distressed have their own awesome effects on Titanium.

Need to see more?
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Or.. If you’re ready to order your Titanium jewelry, check out my sexy shop.