Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber is awesome for every day jewelry. Whether it’s a ring or a bracelet.

Carbon Fiber.. Some of the coolest materials ever made by man. We all know Carbon Fiber from race cars, bikes and and what not. If it’s fast, it has Carbon Fiber parts.
The composite really is a Carbon Fiber reinforced polymer. The fibers made of Carbon make the composite very rigid. And although Carbon Fiber Jewelry can endure almost everything, the resin, which is impregnated in between the fibers to keep everything in place can be a bit brittle, cause it is so hard. But this is only the case when an edge of the carbon fiber ring, fro example, is still sharp. and when you drop the ring it could chip. But never much, because there’s always that carbon fiber weaving that reinforces the ring.
Just to take some worries away if you have some, I dropped my carbon fiber rings a ton of times and they never chipped. Even when making the rings. So that chance is very very small.

So wearing a carbon fiber ring, bracelet with a carbon fiber bead or even necklace with a carbon fiber pendant, would mean a couple of things;

  • Carbon Fiber jewelry is lightweight.
  • Carbon Fiber jewelry is strong and rigid.
  • Carbon Fiber jewelry make you look cooler.
  • Carbon Fiber jewelry feels very good when wearing it.
  • Carbon Fiber Jewelry is almost indestructible and if not, totally indestructible.

In the Rule Industries work shop, carbon fiber rings and bracelets have been made in various shapes and sizes with multiple ways the carbon fiber has been used.
Oh by the way, you can check out the Rule Industries Facebook and Instagram for some behind the scenes stuff while working on carbon fiber.
In the picture gallery you find some examples of custom rings and customizable bracelets that have been made with carbon fiber.
As you can see, it can be cut and used in many ways to get all sorts of effects, as shown in the pictures above. And also finishes like polished, silk and matte have their own awesome effects on carbon fiber.

There even are various types of carbon fiber. With different structures, hybrids with fiberglass, with stainless steel infused or titanium infused into the resin and even with leaf gold mixed in it. If you can think of it, there’s carbon fiber for it.

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