Acrylic can be used for making jewelry as well as for inlays in rings and bracelets.
Acrylic jewelry is light weight and comes in fun colors.

Acrylic.. Many names, same material and even more purposes.
Pmma, as Acrylic is called as well, is used in contact lenses, surgical eyelenses and even somewhere in dental prosthetics.
So we can say it’s safe to wear as jewelry. Especially when it’s industrial grade Acrylic, cause of the use of less monomers.
Acrylic is durable, has a high impact resistance, a shiny glass like appearance, but is more prone to scratching because Acrylic, like most plastics, is somewhat softer.
But MAN!! Can it be cool.. Especially when making jewelry out of acrylic.
All the colors Acrylic is made in. Looking cool when polished, with a matte or satin finish or even brushed.
In the Rule Industries workshop, acrylic has been used for different purposes. As an inlay, Acrylic ring, Acrylic pendant or as Acrylic shackle for your bracelet.

So wearing an Acrylic ring, bracelet with an Acrylic part or even necklace with an Acrylic pendant, would mean a couple of things;

  • Acrylic jewelry is lightweight.
  • Acrylic jewelry is pretty tough, but as it’s plastic, it is a softer material. So more prone to scratching the surface.
  • Acrylic jewelry make you look cooler.
  • Acrylic jewelry feels wram good when wearing it on skin. For example an Acrylic ring will isolate more. So it feels warmer when wearing.
  • Acrylic Jewelry can be made in fluorescent colors, for amazing effects

Acrylic rings and bracelets have been made in various shapes and sizes, over here in the Rule Industries work shop.
If you like, you can check out the Rule Industries Facebook and Instagram for some behind the scenes sense and nonsense while working on acrylic jewelry.
In the picture gallery you can find some examples of custom rings and customizable bracelets that have been made with Acrylic.
As you can see in the pictures above, Acrylic can be used in many ways on jewelry. And it also different finishes like polished, silk and matte and distressed have their own awesome effects on Acrylic jewelry.

Need to see more?
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