Customize rings

The how to guide

Customize Rings..
Cause you're not ordinary!

Customize rings, because rings are cooler that way.
I believe you deserve your own one of a kind custom made ring. That’s why I want to help you customize your ring.

Everyone has their own style. Yet, you might want to add something to- or even change -your style. Regardless the reason.
This is why I like to help you customize your ring, so I can design the perfect ring for you.

And on this page I will explain how I will help you customize rings to your taste.

So why Customize Rings?

What Rings can I Customize?

Custom Ring – Series Elite

The most complex and most detailed one of a kind rings. And we can customize one, together.
Starting at € 1500,-
Rings like these have multiple inlays and shapes from the start. Just wait for my sketch..
Check out the Custom Ring – Series Elite page. To see why these rings are awesome to customize to your style.

Custom Rings – Series of 1

If you customize rings, it will add to your style and make you feel more you. And they are literally one of a kind ring.
Let us customize one of these, as a ring with or without inlays, with all kinds of chamfers or just plain shaped.
Starting at € 350,-
Inlay € 85,-
(Ask for all other options)
Have a look at the Custom Rings – Series of 1 page. To see how you can customize these rings to your style.

Customizable Rings – Series of 10

These are customizable rings accessible for men and women. Of which only 10 will be made ever. You can now customize rings that are limited edition, for your limited edition style.
Starting at around € 200,-
The rings in the Customizable Rings – Series of 10 collection are great if you like something to that not everyone has but still is affordable.

So here's how we will be customizing rings:

  • Call, e-mail, text, Skype, fax or carrier pigeon me. You could try smoke signals.. but I don’t always respond to those.
  • Say or write; “I need to be awesomerer” You don’t even have to ask nicely.
  • We’ll find a way to drink a cup of coffee and discuss the possibilities
  • I work some of my magic and get back to you with a sketch.*
  • You like my Sketch? If yes? proceed to next step. If no? Get me a beer or a glass of rum and I’ll fix it**
  • Let me sober up.
  • I hit my workshop, say some magic words and clap my hands.
  • And I present to you… Awesomeness.

    See!? It’s not that hard..

What is a custom ring?

If you like to have some inspiration, just have a browse in the section Rings. The rings shown here, already have been made for someone, so duplicating them will not be possible. As they are custom made rings. And some of these rings have been made with personal items integrated in them. 
Sometimes it is even possible to make a custom ring out of these personal items.
(Ask me for the possibilities)

Your ring will be designed and custom made for you and because of that it will be made out of blocks and plates of material.
Only the best materials will be used for your custom designed ring.
And on top of that, your one of a kind ring will not be duplicated either!
Unless agreed otherwise.

Before customizing your ring;

When we Customize Rings we need to be sure about these few things:
 – Sizing: We need to be absolutely sure that I will be building your custom made ring to the perfect size.
 – Materials. It’s pretty important your custom ring will be made using the materials you like to see, but also make sure these materials meet your expectations.

Still have questions?  Feel free to Contact me.
Even if I don’t have the means myself, I may know someone who has.
Just start at the top of the list of rules.

I’ll see your pigeon soon.

Stay Cool,

*when a sketch is needed. And in case of a Series Elite or Series of 1.
**maximum of 2 sketches if the first one is not to satisfaction
**if the sketch is to your satisfaction I will ask for a down payment of 20% of the costs of your custom made ring before proceeding with your order