Custom Rings

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Custom Rings are the beginning of growing your style

When you’re tired of all the same and boring stuff. That stuff which doesn’t really add to your style, Custom Rings are a great solution.
Like the Rock Star you are, you want a ring that is original and made for you.
Or am I wrong?

No matter the occasion, the material or the design. There’s a ring for it.
I’m not even joking.. The possibilities are endless to cater to your (desired) style.

Custom rings in the Series of 1 are:

How to get your own series of 1

Custom ring in the making by Rule Industries

Made for you and you alone

The Series of 1 rings are made for you.
Therefor a Series of 1 will NOT be duplicated. Above all, I want you to be able to wear a ring that is absolutely yours. In every way.
We will have a sit down and talk about your wishes for your ring. In short, we will sort of design it together. Over at Customize rings, you can read about the process we will go through.


The ring

Custom rings in the Series of 1 start at €350,-
This is the price for a ring designed and shaped for you without inlays. Also, different materials can vary in price.

Adding Inlays

Adding an inlay on average costs about €85,-
However this also can vary with different materials. But also with the desired shape and size for your inlay.
With the Series of 1 custom rings it’s possible to add up to 3 inlays and/or additions to your ring.

To conclusion a Series of 1 can add up to €700,-
But for your idea, on average these end up between €500,- and €600,-

Custom ring inspiration

For your inspiration some of the Series of 1  custom made rings are shown below.
Series of 1 rings are only made once. So you, like the cool badass you are, will own a one of a kind ring.

If there are certain aspects of a certain design you like. Be sure to let me know when we sit down and talk about your custom designed ring. And I will definitely try to make things work for you.

If you would like to see some more of the build process of these custom rings..
You could check out the Rule Industries IG and the Rule Industries Facebook page.

This happy looking custom made acrylic ring is inspired by the elements water and air. And it has a nice glow to it.
..Because, Glow in the dark.. Duh!

This ring is what happens when you cut Carbon Fiber at an angle, Give it a multi facetted shape, slap some yellow glow in the dark and blue acrylic inlay in there.

A Stainless steel infused carbon fiber ring, Sapphire Glow in the dark inlay and fluorescent orange inlay are what makes this custom made ladies ring sexy!

The custommade carbon fiber ring that looks very robust and massive, but is easy to wear.

One big, wide and awesome carbon fiber ring with blue glow in the dark inlay.
A custom made ring with a story.

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Frostbite - carbon fiber hybrid ring - Rule Industries - choose your style1

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