Ratio Bracelets

Bracelets for men and women.

Customize yours to your own taste.

Double Denim is 1 of 3 men’s Ratio bracelets, exclusively made for ADD/DEPT.

Are you man enough for this Limited Edition Bracelet?

Stripped Denim is another one of 3 men’s bracelets exclusively designed for ADD DEPT.

Do you think you’re cool enough for these Limited Edition Ratio bracelets?

Denim Highway is 1 of 3 men’s bracelets exclusively available at ADD/DEPT.

Are you cool enough to wear one of these Limited Edition bracelets?

This customizable paracord Ratio Bracelet is a triple wrap bracelet, that comes with a bead made from Ford Mustang Fordite.
Keeping it on your wrist with a Monster magnetic clasp.

Double T is a customizable double wrap paracord bracelet with a Ford Mustang Fordite bead. It comes with a magnetic monster clasp.

A carbon fiber bead, 1 of 3 magnetic clasps and a certain length of one of the various colors of paracord are needed to make this customizable paracord bracelet for you.

A fully customizable paracord bracelet that comes with a handmade carbon fiber bead and one of 3 types of clasps. Multiple colors of paracord are available.

As you may expect, this customizable paracord bracelet is sexy. It comes with a Carbon Fiber bead and magnetic clasp. You can choose which clasp and your favorite color of paracord.