Wooden Signet Men’s ring


The big and sexy carbon fiber ring, that is called Nameless & Shameless.
Cherry wood and Titanium are a sexy match with this ring.


Wooden Signet Men’s ring – Nameless & Shameless – Series of 5

by Rule Industries


This is not your ordinary Wooden signet men’s ring. Made out of carbon fiber, this is a men’s signet ring with a Cherry wood inlay. Coming from an old cherry tree out of my parents garden in Panningen and a Titanium Grade 2 Bolt from.. uhh.. the Internet.


Like some people and other things, the Ti Bolt has no function, but to look good.. And that it does! But, it’s threaded in there and not just glued. So it was at least treated as if it has a function.
Due to the width of 13 mm, this carbon fiber ring is pretty bulky. Therefor I decided this ring is a men’s ring.
Because the cherry wood is a nice looking wood, it sure gives the ring that extra touch. A bit more soul.. after all.. It had a life before.

This is a fun ring to wear with a comfortable fit. And because Carbon Fiber is a lightweight material, you don’t have any dead weight hanging on your finger.
Carbon Fiber is also very hard and durable.


As you probably learned in your life, wood comes from trees. Trees are made by mother nature. Therefor wood is a product of nature. So what I’m going for here, the wooden inlay will look different with every ring. Knowing this, will it really be a Series of 5? Or maybe even a Series of 1.. Think about it.

Although the wooden inlay is not a stabilized wood, it can get a little wet. But not soaking wet!
Treating the inlay with an oil will protect the wood against moisture and will give the wooden inlay more shine. Don’t just use any oil though.. Contact me for more information.

Also.. it’s color can also change through time, due to external influences.

You can check out the Rule Industries Instagram or Facebook page. If you would like to see how these inlays are being made.


As a finish for this ring I chose a polished finish on the carbon fiber and leave the finish on the wooden inlay open. Depending on how the patterns look on the cherry wood and how it looks together with the carbon fiber.

Series of 5

So, Series of 5. What does that mean?
Of course this means, only 5 rings will be made of this design. Yep! Only 5 in the whole wide world.
So you could wear yours shameless.
Series of 5 – Rule Industries Jewelry mostly is not customizable. But, if you like the opportunity to customize your jewelry or have your very own custom made ring. I would have to redirect you to the Series of 10 or the Series of 1.


Because it is made for you, this Wooden signet men’s ring is available in your size.
Therefor available in every size.
So if you can’t find your ring size in the size menu, just send me an e-mail.

For more information on sizing and materials, you can check out ‘What you’d like to know’.
Or you can contact me if you like me to help you with anything.


3 of 5 left

Size in Millimeters

15, 15.5, 16, 16.5, 17, 17.5, 18, 18.5, 19, 19.5, 20, 20.5, 21, 21.5, 22, 22.5, 23


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