Rule Industries Jewelry Gift Card

Get your Rule Industries Jewelry Gift card here.
Gift it to someone you really really like. Or just yourself, because you rock.


Rule Industries Jewelry Gift Card

by Rule Industries


This is not your ordinary gift card.
I chose to only make an e-mail jewelry gift card. Because paper and trees and environmental things..
You probably already know this is the coolest jewelry gift card out there. So let me tell you how this works.


When buying this cool gift card you can choose between a few different designs. I made a few designs so you can match it to the person you are giving it to. Whether it’s yourself or someone else.


This material you will not find any information on in the Materials section.

After you buy a Rule Industries Jewelry Gift Card, The buyer (you) and the recipient will receive an e-mail.

Buyer e-mail:

In this e-mail the order is specified. Meaning:

  • Your e-mail
  • Your name
  • Amount added to card
  • The personal note you left for the recipient
  • The recipient’s name and e-mail
Recipient e-mail
  • Jewelry Gift Card
  • The value of the card
  • To: Recipient
  • From: You
  • Your personal note to the recipient
  • The special code which needs to be used in the Rule Industries webshop checkout.
  • Even an option to add to a digital wallet. (Apple Wallet)


As in what is your desired amount of money you like to gift someone. Although I made some fixed amount options to choose from. You can also choose a very specific amount to match with that customizable bracelet or ring.
If you choose a fixed amount; Whatever amount will be left after purchasing jewelry, will remain on the card. Which is very handy. Now it can be used the next time when Rule Industries jewelry needs to be bought.


Like with jewelry, this gift card has a finish.
..and that’s the Jewelry.

This gift card can be used on all Rule industries jewelry.

Whether it’s for Series of 1 custom jewelry or on of the Ratio bracelets.
Only when the card is used for custom jewelry, the card will be collected directly by me.

Series of all

This is not a Series of 10 or Series of 1 piece of jewerly. Nope! It’s unlimited available.
You can buy as many cards as you want and gift them to everyone you know.


One size fits all.
But if you still have trouble finding the right size, just send me an e-mail.


all of ∞ left


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