Carbon Fiber Women’s Signet ring – Lil Devil


This carbon fiber women’s signet ring is limited edition, comes with 5 beautiful inlay options, can be made in widths from 4 millimeter to 10 millimeters. Every size can be made as well.


Lil Devil – Carbon Fiber Women’s Signet ring

by Rule Industries


This is the newest Rule Industries Series of 10 Women’s Signet Ring.
Lil Devil; the Carbon fiber ring is a signet ring that can be made for women. It is Limited Edition and Customizable.
You can customize this signet ring to be a men’s ring or to be a women’s ring.
Since you chose to find a ring in the Women’s ring section, you’re finding this design here as well, but with the varieties I think the ladies like.

This Rule Industries ring for women can be made in a width you prefer and an inlay to your choosing.
Which of course is not for the ordinary.

Limited Edition

In total, 10 of these rings will be made. No matter what customization option you will choose with these women’s rings. Because that’s why this series is called the Series of 10.
And when they are all gone, I just have to design a new Series of 10 with carbon fiber rings for the ladies.


The Lil Devil Series of 10 is made from a thick weave chunk of carbon fiber. This means the visible weaves on the ring are nice and fat. But, when you look at the Carbon fiber that is used on the Light Play rings for example, you’ll see that these have a very thin weave.

For this ring you have 5 inlay options, but more on that later.
This carbon fiber women’s ring is designed with the old school Signet ring in mind. But I assure you it’s not quite that old school Signet ring.
With these unique Inlay materials you van choose from, this ring is cooler.

This women’s ring is 2 millimeter thick on the sides and 3 millimeter on top. This means the ring sits a little higher on your finger, like that old school signet ring. Yet this ring is still very practical to wear.

If you want to see more on how these rings are made; on the [R[I] Instagram or [R[I] Facebook, you can see how these Carbon fiber women’s rings are made in the Rule Industries workshop.


So.. about the width of this carbon fiber signet ring for women.

This ring can vary from 4 millimeter to 10 millimeter. So if you want your ring to be 5mm wide? Just select 5mm.
If you like your ring to be wider or narrower, I would have to direct you to the Series of 1.


As you can expect, your ring will be handmade in the size of the finger you want to wear it on.
If you can’t find your size in the size options, then don’t be afraid to contact me, or leave a comment with your order.
This ring can be made in any size.
In ‘What you’d like to know’ you can find more info on materials and sizing as well.


One of the most striking features of this ring is the inlay. And you can choose it.
..As long as it’s one of the following 5 materials of course.
Every inlay will be more visible with a wider ring and more subtle with a narrow ring.

  1. Lime Glow in the dark

    This Glow in the dark can be very bright in the dark, yet has a subtle green in light conditions. So it will have a subtle look when wearing during the day.
    Yet it has a nice contrast with the Carbon fiber.

  2. Green Swirley

    This is one of my new favorites.
    This inlay material is classy and sexy at the same time. Maybe a little like an Emerald.
    Not one inlay with the green swirley, will be the same.

  3. Blue Swirley

    Blue Swirley looks alot ike the green swirley, but blue. I love how bright this blue is.
    I can’t tell you up front, how this blue swirley will turn out as an inlay in your ring. It can change with every stroke of the file. But cool it will definitely be!

  4. Fairy Fart

    This inlay material we all know from the Light Play Series of 10 rings.
    Yet as an inlay in a carbon fiber ring it turns out darker and looks a bit like there’s a galaxy trapped inside your women’s signet ring.
    Like with the Swirleys, the same goes for this inlay, I can’t tell you up front how the inlay will be visible. But sexy it will be for sure.

  5. Fordite

    Fordite is car paint. Layer upon layer from spraying thousands of car panels and car doors.
    And now it can be a inlay in a carbon fiber women’s ring.
    To make it look better, I cut the fordite inlay diagonally so you will have that cross cut inlay in your signet ring.
    I will never quite know what colors will be in your inlay.. It depends on the size of the inlay as well.


This carbon fiber women’s ring only comes in 1 type of finish.

Your Lil Devil carbon fiber signet ring will have a matte finish on the inside as well as on the outside. The top of the ring and the inlay will be polished. I like to polish the inlay on this ring, because that will let the colors of the inlay shine and pop.

The contrast between the matte and the polished finish on this carbon fiber ring, gives another very nice effect if you ask me.

Let’s sum it all up for you.

  • Width 4mm – 10mm
  • Any size is available.
  • 5 Inlay materials to choose from.
  • Matte finish with a polished top and inlay.

10 of 10 left

Size in Millimeters

15, 15.5, 16, 16.5, 17, 17.5, 18, 18.5, 19, 19.5, 20, 20.5, 21, 21.5, 22, 22.5, 23

Width in Millimeters

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


Lime Glow, Green Swirley, Blue Swirley, Fairy Fart, Fordite


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