Men’s Paracord bracelet – Blow off valve


This customizable Ratio paracord bracelet is lightweight, cool and won’t make a sound. Unless you do..


Men’s Paracord bracelet – Blow off valve

by Rule Industries

All car enthusiasts know what a blow off valve is. For you who don’t know, it makes a turbo car go WOOOSHHHH!
Anyway, the design of this Carbon Fiber bead reminded me of a blow off valve..
No don’t ask me why. Just don’t. But blow off valve seemed like a suiting name for this Men’s paracord bracelet.

Carbon fiber bead

The carbon fiber bead is handmade in the Rule Industries workshop and specially designed for the Ratio Bracelet series. Cut off from a big chunk of carbon fiber and milled to size and tumbled for a smooth but rough looking finish.
Carbon fiber is very lightweight and easily takes over your skin temperature. This is why it feels comfortable to wear.
The bead toys with light in a really cool way while you’re wearing it. And no it doesn’t go WOOOSHHHH! Unless you do that yourself..

Dimensions of the bracelet

If you like to know the dimensions of the bead, these are; 10 x 10 x 26 mm. And it was designed to go on a 6 mm paracord, or 1250 paracord if you will..
A Ratio bracelet with a 6mm paracord is a bit more massive than a 3 mm Ratio bracelet. But the carbon fiber beads are not really bigger than the beads on the 3mm paracord bracelets like Double T and Triple Thirty. Just a bit longer.


The Blow off valve – Men’s paracord bracelet is a single wrap around bracelet with a stainless steel magnetic clasp with some really strong magnets. Of which I’ve selected 3 different types for you to choose from.

  • Smooth Blackened
  • Smooth Stainless steel
  • Monster Stainless steel

Keep in mind that the clasps for these bracelets are magnetic. Not that I have had any trouble with it, but it may affect some things. Things like:

  • Magnetic cards (pay card)
  • Memory media
  • Pacemakers


Regarding the 6mm Paracord, you get several options as well.

  • Blue
  • Navy
  • Neon Green
  • Neon Orange
  • Red
  • Black
  • Grey

This paracord is of high quality and will stay nice in color. That is if, you treat it nice. Like with all of your other stuff and jewelry.
Although it will still look cool if you ask me, your Ratio bracelet will wear over time. Like all things do over time and with use. Buuuttt.. I kinda depends on how you use it as well. But I think you can understand this.
A lighter color of the paracord, will get dirty quicker. So you might keep that in mind while customizing your Ratio bracelet.
Wanna wash your hands? No problem! Getting your paracord bracelet wet while doing so, won’t affect it.


Your Ratio Paracord bracelet will be made to your size once you placed your order.
Just like all other Rule Industries Jewelry.
So I can make your bracelet in any size you like. If you don’t know your wrist size, head over to Bracelet Sizing. Here you will find a downloadable template and instructions on how to measure your wrist size.

In case of any questions, go over to ‘What you’d like to know’.. Or don’t be afraid to contact me.


If you check out the Rule Industries Instagram or Facebook, you can see a bit on how things are done at Rule Industries.

You can customize your own Ratio bracelet now.

Size in centimeters

15, 15.5, 16, 16.5, 17, 17.5, 18, 18.5, 19, 19.5, 20, 20.5, 21, 21.5, 22, 22.5, 23

Color paracord

Black, Grey, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Red, Navy, Blue

Magnetic clasp

Smooth Blackened, Smooth Stainless steel, Monster Stainless steel


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