Tactical Camo Cherrybomb #1 of 1

This carbon fiber men’s ring had to be massive, yet easy to wear and it needed to contain cherry wood.

Found a real nice piece of cherry wood for this sexy men’s ring. Which has such a nice and warm contrast with the cool looking carbon fiber and all it’s edges and matte finish.

The goal was a cool carbon fiber ring with a warm look and feel. Which is pratical as well. And of course, one of a kind.

A carbon fiber ring can come in many shapes. But this badass not only has shapes, but has a soul as well.
As the patterns of the wooden liner (inner ring) give that warm feel, the carbon fiber always stays cool.

This is a pretty massive custom made ring. Designed to be robust but also easy to wear, as this was important to this customer. This is why the edges of the ring are the way they are.  That  way they don’t stick out, but the ring tends to feel and look bigger.

The wood in this ring is not stabilized. So it still lives.. which is very cool. It will always show some wear. If you ask me, it just shows caracter.

not for the ordinary