Lonny Longfingers fistpump

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With this carbon fiber ring with sapphire glow in the dark inlay, Norman will up his fistpump game.

When Norman contacted me, we agreed on a time and date for a Skype meeting to discuss his wishes on his custom ring.
So when I called him, he was ready but at a public event. Which was absolutely no problem of course, but when you’re discussing the width of the ring and Norman tells me he has long fingers, while people are walking by.. Well let’s just say; things can get out of context real quick..

Later on when I was building his carbon fiber ring and did some fistpumps on the Rule Industries Instagram stories this became a fun thing in the process of Norman’s ring.
We even talked about starting a fistpump movement. That’s how serious we took our #fistpumpaction.

You can now understand, why this sexy one of a kind ring is called Lonny Longfingers Fistpump.
This is exactly why Rule Industries was born. Not to create just another product, but to create something personal, a story and jewelry that’s awesome to YOU!


Lonny is the widest carbon fiber ring that was made at Rule Industries ever. Because long fingers..
This custom made carbon fiber ring is made out of a big chunk carbon fiber and has a Sapphire blue glow in the dark inlay.
It’s designed to wear on both sides, because one side is round, smooth and polished and the other side is edged, asymmetrical, and has a matte finish.
That way Norman can wear his custom made ring in every way possible, according to his mood.
The carbon fiber plays differently with light when it has a matte finish than when it has a polished finish. Both types of finish are beautiful if you ask me. But it depends on the style you want for your carbon fiber ring.

The same goes for the glow in the dark inlay in this custom made ring, or any ring.
The glow has some more color when it is polished. But still is cool when in a matte finish.