Hornet #1 of 1

A carbon fiber men’s ring with glow in the dark inlay.

This ring is what happens when you cut Carbon Fiber in an angle, Give it a multi facetted shape, slap some inlays in it with yellow glow in the dark and blue acrylic
and make sure a finger fits through it.

This men’s ring has to thank its name, not only to the stealthy style, but also because the colors reminded me of the Blue Angels. A formal flying aerobatic team who fly with F/A-18 Hornets.

A super sexy and comfortable Carbon Fiber ring.

In the pictures you can see what cross cut means.
The carbon fiber for this ring, is cut from the big block in a an angle, so the fiber layers run diagonally through the ring.
This is also the reason why the you see lines from top to bottom over the ring. And not the common checkered surface, as you’re used to with carbon fiber.
Every line in this carbon fiber ring, that is lighter in color, is a different layer of the many layers of carbon fiber.

A ring made of carbon fiber is really nice to wear. It’s lightweight and very hard and rigid. This means your ring will not scratch easily and won’t break that easy as well.
As you can see in the pictures the fibers toy with light, which is always cool to see. And it’s even cooler with some glow in the dark. That way your ring gives you some more shine.
Fact: A glow in the dark inlay is always cool!
As soon as it has been in contact with light, you will be wanting to walk your ring in darker areas, to see it glow. Especially when hit by sunlight, it really blows up!

If you would like to see some action videos of a glow in the dark ring, you can check out the Rule Industries Instagram or Facebook page. [don’t forget to give it a follow ;)]

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