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This custom made acrylic women’s ring is practical yet sexy.
And it glows in the dark as well!

So, here we have Breezy.
Breezy is a custom made acrylic ring that has two glow in the dark inlays. One inlay on this ring is white and the other is Blue.
The acrylic ring  is made out of 5 pieces. The outer rings are a transparant acrylic with a blue shade and the inner ring is a full blue acrylic ring in which the glow in the dark inlays are layed in.
This ring, that symbolizes the elements water and air, was an addition to Illumination. Which is a Buffalo horn ring with fire glow in the dark colored inlays, which symbolizes earth and fire.

As you can see the glow in the dark on this ring radiates through the transparant acrylic outer rings really nice.
Which was the intention while designing this custom made ring of course. The transparant rings refract the light in such a way that the inlays looks bigger and crooked depending on the angles you look at this ring.
Acrylic is a nice material to wear. But it is a bit warmer to wear as it isolates pretty well. So if you like an acrylic ring, I recommend not to choose the width too wide. Other than that it’s a reall cool material to wear.

The glow in the dark stuff is like magic, it really can work mesmerizing. If there is too much light for it to glow, it will make sure the colors stay bright. When the light is dim, the glow is more visible. And this stuff always makes  you wanna go into dark places. Just to see it glow for a bit.
If you will put your ring on your nightstand at night, You will still see it glow a little in the morning. Don’t worry.. It won’t wake you up at night.
On the Rule Industries Instagram and Facebook page you can see some more glow action of rings and bracelets.

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