The Greasy Chain

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This custom made leather  memorial bracelet, pays respect to a loved one.
With a fingerprint and ashes inside.

In Memoriam

The Greasy chain is a custom made leather memorial bracelet, made in memory of a loved one..
For this reason the bracelet is custom made to the wishes of the customer. But not just with any design.. We also wanted to make sure it fits the character of the loved one.
So we came up with a vintage cognac colored leather band, a clasp made from Titanium and Carbon fiber, and some extra personal touches.

Custom leather memorial Bracelet

A special Design for a special person.
Having the honor to make a custom made leather memorial bracelet, to honor someone else is a BIG honor.
So, about the Bracelet..
The end of the clasp holds a chainlink from a moped. That is the bronze colored part you can see between the clasp and the leather band. Of course it was modified to fit the bracelet.
But the Titanium clasp does more than just holding this memorial bracelet around the wearers wrist. The clasp also holds the ashes of the deceased loved one. Behind the screw on the side of the clasp is a small chamber that holds the ashes. Therefor, when this memorial bracelet was ready, we had a little sit down to put the ashes in this chamber in the bracelet’s clasp. Which is quite a special moment.
Other than that, the Carbon Fiber part of the bracelet’s clasp holds a finger print. Meaning, this fingerprint is laser engraved into the glow in the dark inlay. It gives a pretty cool effect when the glow inlay lights up in the darkness.

The clasp of this custom bracelet is constructed to slide to the side to open. As you can see in some of the pictures in the gallery.

The Finish

This Custom made Titanium and Lather Memorial bracelet’s clasp has a tumbled finish. This means it has been hit by rocks in a can over and over for hours. That is why this Grade 2 Titanium had this grey and distressed finish. Therefor it looks as if it had been used for years already. But I ensure you, it has not.
The carbon fiber clasp part of this men’s bracelet has a matte finish. And so does the glow in the dark inlay.

If you’re curious about that glow in the dark, you can check the Rule Industries Facebook or Instagram for glow shots and videos of various glow in the dark stuff on action.

If you would like to have your own Series of 1 bracelet yourself, click the link and follow the steps.

Stay cool!