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Rule Industries first Titanium and Leather custom made bracelet.

The Beginning

This is where the Rule Industries Custom Titanium & Leather bracelet journey began.
I had to make a bracelet with a leather band and a Titanium clasp. Not too wild but definitely not boring. So this is what was built
Every time I need to design a custom bracelet for someone, it’s a challenge. Because with designing a bracelet, I have to consider even more factors. So it’s more challenging than designing a custom ring. Therefor you can probably imagine how hard it was for me to design this first one.
Putting the bracelet on your wrist should be easy. And this is just an example why it’s a bit more challenging to come up a new design every time.
Nevertheless, designing a custom bracelet super fun! And even more fun to make.

About the bracelet

The 2 separate clasp parts were manually milled from a big chunk of grade 2 titanium. For that reason they were cut from a chunk of Titanium that was going to be recycled, but in another way.  (A local gas turbine parts builder makes these parts from the same material.)
After I milled the clasp parts to shape they were sanded down and the holes were drilled for the leather band, to get it “bolted” in the clasp with little M 1.6 Ti bolts.
To make sure all the separate parts have the same finish I wanted they got tumbled with rocks to get that stonewashed/distressed look.

Finally, the Top Grain leather band was cut to size and roughed up a little to give it that distressed and rough look as well.

On the Rule Industries Instagram and Facebook page you can find many pictures about this process of making a custom titanium and leather bracelet.

How it works

Locking this custom titanium and leather bracelet, is done with the M4 Bolt in the middle. Maybe the simplest of locking mechanisms.. Just screw it into place.
The clasp is designed to fall into place pretty easy before screwing it in. So, all you need is your leg to press the bracelet against, to keep it from falling and the only thing you need to do, is find the hole with the closing bolt in the other clasp part.

Now.. are you ready for your own custom bracelet?
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