How to get your Series of 1 Custom bracelet

..Cause you’re not ordinary.

This is where you get to know everything about how you can get your own Rule Industries Series of 1 Custom Bracelet.

To Rule and NOT be ordinary is not as hard as you think it is. You only have to follow a few simple steps to become the cool owner of your custom made bracelet.
Of course you can always have a look in the Rule Industries shop, to see what bracelets we have in store for you.
But maybe you want that Series of 1 Bracelet, or even some other type of jewelry that is custom made for you by Rule Industries.
A necklace, earrings or a ring, the possibilities are endless.

We have to start somewhere.
So here’s how we can make this happen:

  • Call, e-mail, text, Skype, fax or carrier pigeon me. Oh wait.. I left my fax machine in the 80’s..
  • You only say or write; “I need to be cooler” ..No need to ask nicely.
  • We will find a way to drink a cup of coffee and discuss the possibilities
  • I will put some of my magic to work and sketch you a sexy design.*
  • And if you like my Sketch, proceed to next step. If not, Get me a coffee or a glass of rum and I will make you another one**
  • Then let me get sober again.
  • Let me hit the Rule Industries workshop, dance around and clap my hands.
  • Finally, I present to you… your own Series of 1 Custom Bracelet.

Not as hard as you thought right?

Inspiration for your Custom Bracelet

If you’re in need of some inspiration, just have a look around in the section Bracelets. These are the bracelets that have been made for some cool people out there. This means duplicating these designs is not possible. As they are Series of 1 Custom Bracelets.
Some of these Rule Industries bracelets even have been made with personal items integrated in them.


Prices for a Series of 1 bracelet start at € 400,-
Because I will design your bracelet for you, it will be made out of blocks and plates of material. Your custom made bracelet can’t get any more custom than this.
But keep in mind the price can go up if you wish to have inlays in your bracelet.
Always, I will use the finest of materials for your one of a kind bracelet. And on top of that, It will not be duplicated! Unless agreed upon.


Above all, a series of 1 bracelet is custom made for you, so you need to be sure about a few things:
Nr. 1 is Sizing. You need to be sure I will be crafting your handmade bracelet to the perfect size.
Nr. 2 is Materials. Because it is pretty important your bracelet will be made with the materials like to see, but also make sure these materials meet your expectations.
Still have questions? Contact me to ask.

In case you ever wonder how and what is possible for your Rule Industries jewelry, feel free to contact me with your questions.
Even if I don’t have the means myself, I may know someone who does..
You only have to start at the top of the list of rules.

I’ll see your pigeon soon.

*when a sketch is needed. And in case of a series of 1.
**maximum of 2 sketches if the first one is not to satisfaction
**if the sketch is to your satisfaction I will ask for a down payment of 20% of the costs of your custom made jewelry before proceeding with your order