Grand Touring Injection

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When the love for your car is big, you need a custom themed bracelet for it.

Custom bracelet for the love of a car

The name pretty much says it all.. a custom themed bracelet for a car lover.
Meaning, this bracelet has designed to fit the looks of the wearer’s GTI.

For those who don’t know, GTI stands for Grand Touring Injection and this abbreviation mostly used for the sporty hatchbacks amongst cars. Like this Peugeot 208 GTI you see on one of the pictures.
It’s a super cool car. So I can see why I had to make a bracelet with the colors used with this two tone GTI.
The Black is represented by the black carbon fiber clasp base. The red Paracord and the red acrylic slider are used to represent the Red on the car. And the Titanium ends on this custom made bracelet, represent the aluminum details on the car.
You can say this one of a kind bracelet is pretty themed up.

The bracelet

The Acrylic slider, the red thingy on the side of the bracelet’s clasp is made out of a couple of sheets acrylic. Then milled to the exact dimensions and then sanded and polished, to get it nice ‘n red ‘n shiny.
Like said before, the base is made from carbon fiber. Cut from a big block of carbon fiber to be precise. Then also milled and sanded. Sanded to grit 800 to keep that matte look of course.
And just about the same things happened to the Titanium ends that are on the paracord. Only, the titanium ends of this bracelet have been cut. Which means you can see tiny little lines, all in the same direction.

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The design of this bracelet, we have used before. It is the goal with this design to use it more but keep it fully customizable. But it always has to be a one of a kind bracelet. 
As you have seen with other variations of this design.

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