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Custom Made Jewelry

You’re not ordinary, are you?

Looking for custom made jewelry that’s not for the ordinary? You’ve come to the right place. I make rings and bracelets that are not only cool but also functional and practical to wear. Looking for high-end rings that will make you 10 times cooler? Then take a look at our custom rings, like the Series Elite. With up to 8 parts to choose from you got plenty of choice. On a budget but still in the market for a cool ring? Then the Series of 1 is what you’re looking for. And last but not least, I have bracelets. Not just your average bracelets, I have Custom bracelets and the Ratio series. If you wear these, people will know you have a sense of style.

Interested in custom made jewelry? Take a look in my shop or contact me.

Stay cool.

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A part of the Rule Industrie custom jewelry.
The limited edition rings and custom made rings

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Simple, yet not for the ordinary.
The customizable and reasonably priced rings and bracelet

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A part of the Rule Industrie Custom Jewelry.
The Rule Industries limited edition and custom made bracelets

Featured Custom Jewelry

This carbon fiber men’s ring with glow in the dark inlay is inspired by.. well.. fast cars. This is a limited edition ring designed men that like cars and need a different kind of jewelry

These carbon fiber glow rings are customizable with either a Sapphire glow in the dark inlay or a Pink glow in the dark inlay.
You can choose your own width and size of course.
This means these rings are designed for men and women. They are subtle yet not for the ordinary.

A Ratio Paracord bracelet, handmade in the Rule Industries workshop, made from 6 mm paracord with a sexy carbon fiber bead.
This custom bracelet is a bracelet for men and woman, this means you can customize it to your taste.

What the cool people have to say

Level of coolness

” I ordered a series of one ring that was pretty specific and somewhat difficult. Roel worked with me on everything and was always quick to tell me about potential problems. The ring came out perfect and I love it. The craftsmanship is unparalleled.
– Ryan –

” I absolutely love my bracelet! Mine is pink 🤍 I get compliments everywhere I go! No one has seen anything like it where I live! “
– Chelsea –

” If u are thinking about doing a custom ring Rule is definitely the guy to go to he can make any idea you throw at him. Also greath customer service highly recommend Rule.ind “
– William –